About us

HR Interior Design Ltd. was founded with decades of professional backgrounds by Renata Csiszar certified interior decorator and Csaba Hadarics wood joinery specialist in 2013.

The founders of the company previously have been working as professionals in similar field, and they are part owners of their own organization, which is operating for more than ten years now. They founded their company as a continuation of their already well-established teamwork on a specialized and smoother profile of their business.

Business philosophy of their work and company:

It spreads through the precise survey, thought-provoking and selective design ideas to the Dear Customer, and excellent execution of their work. The main focus is always in the best interest of the needs and requests of the Customer. Deeply considering the fact that, the interval of time from design to construction is relatively small, but the outcome of their work will be used and appreciate for years and decades by the Customers.

This partnership, which can be summarized briefly above, is a reasonable choice in the best sense for very satisfying and excellent work as well.